My band without vocals and programming


A couple of years ago I joined a starting band Mazu as a drummer. It’s been a lot of fun writing music with this band because it does not have vocals. The downside of being in an instrumental band is that people whatching you play will start talking to eachother because they have nothing to keep them distracted for longer than 2 minutes ;)

p5.js / Processing

A couple of weeks ago I came back from a long trip through Portugal and I decided to take some time to learn new things (programming languages, cool techniques and whatever you need to know as a webdeveloper who doesn’t want to be stuck in some lame ass job).

And while researching the subject of graphics controlled be realtime music/sound I came across a lot of different types of software doing this exact thing. The downside was that most of them were daunting ‘clicky’ GUIs with no ability of programming in an understandable/constructive way.

Cue p5.js: As I wading through piles of garbage products I came across a coding channel on the Youtubes called the Coding train! This guy who lookes a lot like a friend of mine teaches people across the internet how to process problems and how to think like a programmer by showing, talking out loud and making mistakes like we programmers do. I loved it.

Any way.. long story short: Hundreds hours of material to keep yourself from going outside. Ever.

the Coding Train

And here is one example of what I made for my band:
Mazu - Totem (music + visuals)
Warning: it might be a bit slow on some computers